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Cut Commercial Roofing Faster with the Premier Roof Cutter

Tired of slowly removing old commercial roofing by hand? The Premier Roof Cutter swiftly slices through roof membrane material, speeding up removals before re-roofing projects.

Slicing Through Membrane with Ease

Our durable, angled blade cleanly cuts through TPO, EPDM and other commercial roofing membrane as you push forward. It glides over underlayment to leave it undamaged.

Safer, More Controlled Cutting

The roof cutter's forward-push motion gives greater control and visibility versus dangerous pull-behind tools. The ergonomic handle minimizes fatigue.

Commercial Roofing.jpg
Commercial Roof.jpg

Fast Removal of Commercial Roofing

The Premier Roof Cutter excels at quickly removing old roof membrane ahead of new installations.

  • Easily slices through TPO, EPDM and other commercial roofing

  • Faster removal than other manual methods

  • Easy to maneuver around vents, HVAC units and other roof equipment

Like our proven Premier Carpet Cutter, the Premier Roof Cutter is purpose-built by The Carpet Puller Inc. for superior performance.

Questions? Give Us a Call!

Contact us to learn more about how the Premier Roof Cutter can revolutionize commercial roofing removal for your business. We welcome your feedback as we prepare to launch!

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